Agile Development
for Digital Solutions​

Design Thinking, Agile Practices,
Software Quality processes and
Innovation Management
CINQ Technologies Powered By Mutant

CINQ Technologies is a software solution design and development company, with over 28 years of history and 13 years of experience in the application of the Scrum framework, in digital solutions projects, for corporations in Brazil and abroad.

It is part of Mutant Group, a company focused on Customer Experience for digital platforms. CINQ combines Design Thinking, Agile Practices, Software Quality processes, and Innovation Management to create and build digital transformation solutions through four service offerings:

CINQ - Beyond Technology

User Experience & Design

In times of disruptions and digital transformations, the software solutions design and development need a new approach. Ideation techniques with application of Design Thinking (understanding, ideation, prototyping, testing and UX) become fundamental. CINQ uses this approach to understand the purpose of the solution and its referential backlog of User Stories. 

Agile Squads

Although the Scrum framework is simple to understand, the challenge is the cultural change to apply it. We have more than a decade of Scrum experience that prioritize frequent deliverables and flexibility for scope changes.

Data Agility

Our Data Science Service evaluates your existing data to identify business opportunities, such as improving consumer journeys or optimizing revenue. With an agile and lean approach, a brief engagement (2 to 4 weeks) will allow us to point out the most viable options and create a step-by-step action plan.

Software Testing 

Software Testing aligned with agile methods to adapt to changes in the software design process, following the principles of SQA (Software Quality Assurance) to ensure quality.


We combine the innovation and creativity of a startup with the maturity and processes of a certified software company

Integrating the creative spirit of a startup with the quality of an Agile Software Factory is the essence of CINQ. Our processes are well-defined and structured according to the CMMI level 3. The mindset of creativity and innovation is a feature of our company and our employees.

Added to this, one of the points praised is the excellent experience of joint work among our teams and the teams of our clients, whose relationship is based on engagement, trust, cooperation and frequent communication.

 What we build?

Each solution is idealized according to the company's scenario and the demands of the project, due to the diversity of options to accomplish it. The choice of which technologies and architecture are fundamental to ensure excellent deliverables and results. Among the solutions developed by CINQ Technologies are: 

Ícone de desktop com wireframe de sistema.

Desktop Applications 

Ícone com tablet e smartphone

Mobile Applications

Ícone de computador e abas de navegador


Ícone de um painel de carro com painel multimídia.

Embedded Systems

Ícone de nuvem, sinal e conexão.

Internet Of Things


Desktop com um cérebro na tela.

Artificial Intelligence


Ícone de desktop com gráficos de BI

Business Intelligence