Agile Outsourcing
Assurance of value deliveries
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Agile Outsourcing

Staff Augmentation with Scrum discipline for frequent and consistent deliveries 

There are two predominant approaches for contracting software services. In the first, the scope is previously determined and based on the deadline and cost estimation. The customer contracts the project by getting the management of software development on behalf of the vendor. In the second, professionals are allocated per hours of work getting the management of the team under the responsibility of the client.

The first scenario centers the risk on the supplier, and the second case on the customer. In order to change the scope or unforeseen situations it is necessary to work on change requests, renegotiation, and contractual additives, which are sources of possible conflicts of interest.

Fixed price vs. Time Material

It’s a tremendous challenge to determine a software project scope in its early stages. In addition, unforeseen events occur throughout the project making the client itself unable to secure the means for the correct progress of the project as planned. These contingencies may be linked to infrastructure, changes in legislation, availability of internal staff, among others.

Therefore, there is a third alternative that seeks to unite advantages and minimize the risks of fixed fee projects or staff augmentation.

Agile Outsourcing​: The best of both worlds solution

This new path is the Agile Outsourcing service where you use the scope previously planned as a baseline for the project. The professionals are allocated, but with the discipline of Scrum with all its ceremonies. We deliver features to each Sprint. It becomes possible to welcome and accommodate necessary scope in the backlog according to the definitions of the Product Owner (client) and the Scrum team. The allocated team can be integrally from CINQ (except for the PO) or composed of client team members too.