Artificial Intelligence and Connectivity at the 2017 Air Transport IT Summit

The impact of technology in airline services was the main theme of the 2017 Air Transport IT Summit, held on May 23th and 24th, in Brussels, Belgium. The event is organized annually by SITA, a multinational company, leader in air transport solutions, in partnership with Flight Airline Business.  During these two days, the participants presented insights on the technology trends and innovations for the air industry, with the presence of renowned professionals in the field. 
The technological evolution enables improvements in many ways for the air transport services. Among the topics discussed at the event, the use of Artificial Intelligence and Robotic Process Automation are in the spotlight, presented as solutions to reduce costs and operational errors as well as to increase service delivery efficiency.

The use of connectivity in the services delivered and how technology has changed the customer experience, seeking to make these services more efficient and enabling services customization were also important topics at the event. Cybersecurity systems and blockchain were also included in SITA’s watchlist.

Over the past years, CINQ Technologies has been a part of many innovative projects for the aviation industry. Among them, facial recognition, information to improve the passenger’s journey and machine learning in predictive algorithms related to the field are some of the greatest innovations.

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