Beauty Franchise – Agile Software Development

Beauty Franchise – Agile Software Development

This web solution was built to improve website maintenance and content production.

Agile Software Development

Client Overview

Our client is a Brazilian franchise network of cosmetics and perfumery. Its main products are fragrances, creams, and makeup. It’s the ninth largest retailer in the country. It is also the leader in opened stores in the country and is the largest franchise network in perfumery and cosmetics in the world.

Engagement Situation & Challenges

Our client had a web portal based on the WordPress platform, which limited the production and update of the content to personel with technical knowledge in HTML. The company looked for an outsource support to make the insertion of content in the website easier, implement new functionalities, make it more dynamic, and adapt it to the new visual identity of the group.

CINQ’s Solution & Contribution

Our team developed a new portal using the SharePoint technology, allowing to implement the required functionalities. Choosing the right technology for this case, we could make the website more agile and more functional, easier to customize, produce, and publish the content. It will also enable inserting new applications and dynamic access.

Tools & Technologies



Key Benefits

  • Provide our client the most suitable technology for their web portal, meeting their expectations and executing all the tasks required.
  • Improve the maintenance and content production of the website, given that such flexibility and accessibility is only possible in a SharePoint based environment.