Bematech launches mobile application for the food segment

Bematech announces the commercial launch of mobile applications, in addition to the Bematech Chef software (used by bars, restaurants, nightclubs, bakeries and theme parks). With innovation, the system provides electronic orders for equipment such as IPAD, IPod or Android tablets.

The novelty, developed in partnership with CINQ Technologies, improves the company’s portfolio and allows waiters to carry out the orders on the table and automatically pass them to the kitchen. Such features reduce hardware costs for shopkeepers and improve speed in customer service.

“We have identified that with the use of these new technologies there is a significant gain in the performance and usability of the system. In addition, the application allows greater integration between the salon and the kitchen, organizing the flow of attendance in the establishments “says Fábio Matias de Souza, director of software of Bematech, in a press release.