CINQ among the best companies to work in the state of Paraná!

CINQ among the best companies to work in the state of Paraná!

From the crisis to the competition. There are huge challenges that companies must face in order to survive in the market. The satisfaction of the employees can be the solution, because with works carried out with pleasure and excellence, everybody wins.
That’s why we are proud in making sure that we have a pleasant working environment. Because besides being GPTW of IT companies in Brazil, now we are also among the 20 best companies to work in Paraná.

Great Place to Work is a company that provides consulting and training, as well as rewarding organizations with the best work environments. All of this, with the aim of helping companies to transform themselves, contributing to the satisfaction of their employees and consequently, a better world. Robert Levering, the founder of Great Place to Work, used to say that people consider a good work environment the one that meets one of the three premises:

• I am proud of the institution I work for and what I do;
• I enjoy the collaboration and team spirit of my co-workers;
• I trust the people I work for, especially my boss.

The award is in its 20th edition here in Brazil and recognizes the best companies in each sector: small, medium and large. CINQ is in the ranking of medium-sized companies, which includes institutions with 100 to 999 employees.

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