CINQ certifies its managers as Scrum Master

CINQ Technologies, IT Company from Brazil, hired a Scrum course to certify more 16 of its managers. The training took place at CINQ’s building. Adaptworks, a Scrum Alliance registered education provider, was contracted to conduct the training. Alexandre Magno was the instructor chosen to train CINQ´s team.

Scrum is a framework used in order to solve complex and adaptable problems, while delivering products in a creative way and with the greatest possible value. With Scrum, all projects are divided in cycles, usually 2 to 4 weeks, called sprints, a period of time in which activities are planned and executed. Quick daily meetings are held in each sprint with all development team members. This daily contact enhances synergy, commitment and results of each sprint and projects as a whole.

Participants of CINQ Technologies received the Certified Scrum Master (CSM) after taking the test available on the Scrum Alliance website. CINQ already uses the framework scrum in the international projects and in some sectors of the company since 2008, but the goal is to expand the adoption of Scrum, given the results and perceived value in the projects that already use it.

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