CINQ Technologies is recognized as one of the top 100 GPTW IT Companies in Brazil

CINQ Technologies is recognized as one of the top 100 GPTW IT Companies in Brazil

On the 6th of August  in São Paulo the latest Great Place to Work in IT award was announced, in Brazil. The event was the responsibility of the global organization Great Place to Work, and CINQ Technologies was one of the companies recognized in the top one hundred best Brazilian companies to work for in TI and Telecom.

The Great Place to Work award is an American company which originally began work in San Francisco, California. Nowadays they also work in countries such as Brazil, Argentina, France, and Japan. Their goal is to help enterprises all around the world to promote a stimulating work environment. Moreover, 6200 organizations and 12000 workers from 53 countries have already been working with Great Place to Work, focusing on making each company a better place to work.

CINQ has proved to be a promising and exciting environment for employees, after placing so well in the year’s Great Place to Work. The Brazilian company had to take 5 steps to guarantee a position among the best hundred enterprises in the country. First, the registration, followed by research, analysis, feedback, and finally outcomes and awards, everything watched by the Great Place to Work.

The two kinds of research made by Great Place to Work are the “Trust Index”, which accounts for 2/3 of the process, and the “Culture Audit”, which makes up the rest. The first one is an anonymous survey made with the employees, while the second one consists of an analysis made by the Human Resources Department, examining the cultural procedures made throughout the previous year. These procedures are classified in 9 aspects common to the daily routine of an organization, such as hiring, developing, sharing, speaking, listening, taking care, saying thank you, inspiring and celebrating

This is already the fifth year in a row that CINQ is one of the winners of the award Great Place to Work in IT, in Brazil. Like people say: “It is more difficult to stay on the top than to get there.”