CINQ is the first company to join the FIEP NAGI Program

Innovation management initiative in Curitiba

It happened in Curitiba, in 17/09/2012, the launch of the NAGI-Innovation Management Program Support. The program, which seeks to promote innovation in companies, will be held in Paraná by the FIEP (“Federação das Indústrias do Paraná”) and supporters.

The NAGI will promote innovation management practices in industries and IT companies of Paraná. This will happen through individualized awareness, training and consultancy. The result of the program will be the structuring of at least three proposals of innovative actions by participating company. “This consultancy is very important because it will help companies in structuring innovative processes. In Brazil there are many innovative companies, but few of them have innovation management practices and promote, for example, internal environments conducive to creativity, “tells Felipe Couto, manager of the project NAGI in Paraná.

CINQ Technologies, the first company in Curitiba that has joined the program, aims to strengthen the innovative spirit of its employees. Carlos Alberto Jayme, director of Marketing and Sales of CINQ, states he wants to implement this type of management in all departments of the company, making it happen systematically. “Innovate has always been part of our brand, what we seek with NAGI is a management plan that makes it not lose itself with the growth of the company.”

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