CINQ lab.

Our digital solutions research and prototyping lab

We live in the Digital Transformation and Exponential Organizations era, where the big companies and startups are growing fast because of design and technology processes.

Let's stop to think about all the changes we have experienced in the market in recent years, we can see how people and companies’ routines have been transformed by new business models based on digital technologies such as cloud, blockchain, VUI (Voice User Interface), cognitive computing, machine learning, and IoT (Internet of things).

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CINQ lab.

We plan digital solutions through experience design and emerging technologies!

Our digital solutions research and prototyping lab uses emerging technologies and design thinking to solve market challenges in an innovative way and deliver value to customers.


Your company needs to innovate to assure sustainable growth and operations

An external partnership with a different perspective can help you plan innovative projects to implement digital transformation in your company or startup. Share your business needs with us, so our lab experts in research, design, and development can seek innovative solutions using new technologies, available products, or tailoring a software to your needs.

Experimenting with trend technologies and innovative business models with CINQ’s support

There are countless innovation possibilities for your business. The Innovation lab enables you to investigate and try trend technologies to add even more value to your company or startup.

Proofs of concept and prototypes to enhance the user experience

Before investing in an end-to-end project, a proof of concept or a prototype can provide you a clear view of how the solution will behave in the market and what benefits it will bring, using only a fraction of the budget. Through co-creation, and other Design Thinking and User Experience practices, we can design solutions at different levels of fidelity to validate with the user before developing the final product.

To innovate is a matter of corporate culture

It can be difficult to create digital transformation in your company, especially if you have a more traditional culture. The constant search for new learning, experimentation, and innovation has been part of our DNA since the beginning. We want to share this experience and our ideas with you, we can help your company to manage the change, serve as an inspiration for best practices, or schedule a benchmarking.