CINQ Launches Mobile Solution at the Gartner Symposium 2012

The twenty-second edition of the Gartner Symposium ITxpo, the most important gathering of CEOs and executives in the world, will be held in Orlando (Florida / USA) from October 21st to October 25th. More than eight thousand IT executives are expected at the event, out of which approximately 2,400 are CIOs of large corporations, such as DELL, IBM, Cisco, Samsung and Microsoft.
Based on the theme “Focus. Connect. Lead”, the event will discuss the main trends in Information Technology – cloud, social and mobile – by exploring the impact of these new business models on the market. The objective of the Gartner Symposium ITxpo 2012 is to show how these technologies can help companies to reduce costs and gain competitive advantages.
The Brazilian IT company CINQ Technologies is among the exhibitors of the event. CINQ, certified CMMI Level 3, is specialized in innovative IT solutions for the domestic and international markets. Up to date with the latest technology trends discussed at the event, the company will launch a product that accelerates the development and makes maintenance easier for mobile solutions, the CINQ Mobile Development Accelerator (CINQ MDA).
CINQ MDA consists of three modules which offer agility and autonomy to customers. The first module – CINQ Catalog App Engine – is a platform for fast mobile application development. The second module – CINQ Digital Asset Management – is a Cloud CMS system that allows the client to maintain the content of the apps using a web browser. With this tool you can change, add and delete content without any knowledge of programming languages. The third module – CINQ Crowdsourcing Collector – is a crowdsourcing data collection system which allows an unlimited number of people to gather new content using several mobile devices.
According to Carlos Alberto Jayme, director of Marketing and Sales at CINQ Technologies, the CINQ MDA was designed to meet a growing demand for solutions that involve mobility, cloud and collaborative content. “As an example of an application that can be created using CINQ MDA, think of a real estate company that offers an app to show all available properties. The content of this app can be managed either by the real estate company, through CINQ Digital Asset Management, or by the realtors in the field, through CINQ Crowdsourcing Collector,” said Jayme.
CINQ Technologies will participate in the Gartner Symposium ITxpo 2012 along with the delegation of Brasil IT +, which is a program created by Softex that aims to stimulate the information technology industry, support businesses that want to export and attract investments from abroad. Fernando Cariello, consultant responsible for Brazil’s participation in the Gartner IT +, said, “To participate in this Symposium is to showcase the best in IT to the world.”
Together with CINQ Technologies, the following companies are also on the Brazilian delegation at the Gartner Symposium / ITxpo 2012: ActMInds, Apdata, Aurus, BRQ, Ci&T, Curitiba Offshore, Ilegra, MC1, Middle Consulting, Navita, Reddrummer, Milldesk, Sigma, SoftExpert, Siena Idea, STA Holding, Stefanini and Vistra.


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