CINQ organizes Oracle Forms and Reports training

CINQ Technologies, due to the needs of Unimed Paraná, worked in the month of July in order to organize an Oracle Forms training, with the purpose of enabling new professionals to work on this technology. The training sessions took place at the Unimed Paraná´s building, where the candidates were practicing their abilities. More than 70 interested people enrolled for the course and 16 of them were selected to take the available classes. After all, 6 professionals were interviewed by CINQ and 3 of them were hired.

The goal of the course was to capacitate IT professionals available in the market who work with the Oracle Forms and Reports tools, since there are difficulties of hiring in this area. CINQ improved the formation of 16 new workers that enriched their resumees.

Besides making the new employees more prepared for the corporative world, CINQ organized a social action. Each enrollment in the Oracle Forms and Reports training occurred through the donation of non-perishable food, which was donated to the Sovida Institution, which supports people with HIV and makes an effort to avoid sexually transmitted diseases.

CINQ, through its Business Solutions Design Lab (BSDL), provided an initiative for professional knowledge recycling from other technologies and who were unemployed. Moreover, besides solving specific demands on the client, they also irrigated the labor market with the new professionals trained in Oracle Forms.