CINQ Technologies Praised by for Position Among Top Performing Developers in Florida

CINQ Technologies Praised by for Position Among Top Performing Developers in Florida

At CINQ Technologies, we pride ourselves on merging the culture and creativity of a startup with the experience and maturity of a certified software developer. Part of this startup culture is an intense emphasis on establishing strong relationships with our clients, based on the foundations of trust, engagement, and perhaps most importantly, honest communication with our clients.

Software development is only becoming more important in today’s tech driven economy, and we understand the importance of our work for our client’s business, now and for the future. Recently, Clutch has released rankings of the top Business to Business (B2B) companies in each of the 50 states. We are proud to be included in these rankings under the Development category in the state of Florida. Clutch has ranked as one of the top software developers in Florida out of nearly 125 competitors!

We are very happy to be listed as a top performing B2B company on Clutch! We know that the methodology used by the company is based on a variety of factors, such as market presence, clients and customer ratings, and this is definitely part of our Customer Intelligence strategy.”  – Aldir Brandão, CTO at CINQ Technologies


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CINQ Technologies receives Clutch Top Developers Florida 2019 seal


Clutch is an established B2B ratings and reviews headquartered in Washington D.C. Clutch separates itself from its competition by having an incredibly in-depth review process before they rate the company. The process starts with market research and analysis, and most importantly, the analysts conducts interviews with the clients of the company. The end result of this process is an incredibly unbiased review and rating of the company. This is exactly what sets Clutch apart from its competitors, and is an inherent reason as to why we are so happy to have been reviewed by Clutch. Our profile currently has 4.5 stars out of a possible 5.0 stars! We are ecstatic about our ranking and we would love to include some of their thoughts below:

“I will always reach out to CINQ as my first choice for development.” – CTO, GT Software

“CINQ Technologies is always looking for ways to improve their business.” Senior Software Development Manager, SITA Canada Inc.

We would also like to take this time to discuss Clutch’s sister sites, The Manifest and Visual Objects. The Manifest lists companies in a very efficient manner to a potential client, showing the company’s size, location, and the service that they provide, all in a glance. The Manifest also offers potential client’s a How-To Guide for buying the services of a third party business in order to help the client hire the third party.

Similarly, Visual Objects help buyers make informed decisions about their future partners. The site visualizes a company’s portfolio items on their Clutch profile, and gives client’s an easy to view display of each company, like ours, in order to help the client decide on who can best execute their vision.

CINQ Technologies is very proud of the high praise we have received from Clutch. We understand the importance of our clients in these rankings, and we sincerely thank them for taking the time to be interviewed by Clutch. We look forward to continuing our partnership with Clutch in order to further our tradition of excellence in order to deliver the best product to our clients.

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