CINQ Technologies sponsors the Air Transport IT Summit 2012

On June 20 and 21 Brussels, in Belgium, will host the 2012 Air Transport IT Summit, an event organized by SITA, world leader in IT solutions and communication for the air transport industry. With the slogan “Together we can shape tomorrow” and renowned IT and air transport companies, the event aims to present the air transport industry’s trends for the coming years and discuss the changes that will happen in this market segment.

During the 2012 Air Transport IT Summit, SITA will discuss the tools it has been developing to increase operations in the airport environment. The event’s participants will also debate how the air transport industry should prepare for constant changes that happens in IT.

CINQ Technologies is the only Latin-American company to sponsor the 2012 Air Transport IT Summit. According to Carlos Alberto Jayme, CINQ’s Marketing & Sales director, this is the second international event the company sponsors. As one, CINQ will have a booth in the event, showing the participants the company’s solutions. “I believe in focused events, where IT is crucial to the business challenges of a specific area. At this event we’ll show new ideas in mobile applications for smartphones and tablets for airlines and passengers”, explained Jayme.

Since 2008, CINQ is a “Preferred Provider” company by SITA for onsite and offshore quality assurance and software development services. According to Jayme, the company’s experience with banking automation, self-service solutions, mobile solutions, associated with quality certifications have been fundamental in working for international customers in the air transport industry. CINQ is a company located in the south of Brazil that has more than nine years of experience in exporting software services. Nowadays 40% of the revenue comes from international costumers.

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