Connected and satisfied passengers

Connected and satisfied passengers

When you think of airports, chaotic scenes arise in the imagination of many people. However, several technologies are already thought and used to uncomplicate travel journeys and make it pleasant to passengers. The impacts are already perceived, and the trend is that we continue to increase these services’ automation.
The Passenger It Trends Survey 2017, conducted by SITA, aims to observe the passengers’ behavior in many travel stages. This year, the research revealed that those who use the technological tools offered by airports and airlines have demonstrated greater satisfaction with the services.

It is important to note that, in the booking and purchasing of passages, the online service is already dominant on the market, and the goal is that operations such as check-in, identification and tracing of baggage become automated and a a part of passenger’s habits.

The research also pointed out that a large percentage of users would use applications that notify important information about shipment and luggage. This is not a very distant reality, in fact, a IATA resolution (International Air Transport Association) defines that airlines must offer the tracing service and notify passengers about their luggage.

In times of connected passengers, where 98% of them carry at least one mobile device in their trips, and at least 50% of them use Wi-Fi offered by airports and establishments, technology becomes a great ally of the air sector, reducing operation errors and optimizing the services.

” Airlines and airports have the opportunity to offer services that will improve the passenger experience but they must make sure that those services are simple enough to be used by a large proportion of passengers. ” says Barbara Dalibard, Sita’s CEO.