Cross-platform Mobile Development – a positive experience with Ionic

Ionic’s (Advanced Hybrid Mobile HTML5 App Framework) simplicity and versatility provides high productivity and quality to the development of cross-platform application. Due to its compatibility with Mobile and Web devices, the Ionic framework, Built on top of AngularJS 2.0 and Apache Cordova, enables one single source code for any solution. Therefore, it is not necessary to develop a native version of an application for each operating system (iOS, Android, etc.).

Operating systems are often updating and they require that applications do the same. With cross-platform systems, updates are also performed only once.

Mixing languages such as HTML5, Javascript and CSS3, Ionic provides the integration of several technologies, resulting in practical, quick, multifunctional and lower cost  solutions.
Recently, CINQ was chosen to develop a mobile solution, with native apps for Android and iOS platforms for a Telecom company. After understanding the customer’s needs, CINQ recommended to avoid the native development and adopt a cross-platform approach. The compelling case resulted in a reduction of two projects into a single one, with smaller maintenance costs and development deadlines.

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