It is really important to test a software

It is really important to test a software

Software tests ensure the quality of the solution through a series of tests that verify the various functionalities, performance, and usage experience. When work processes become digital, the digital form is expected to surpass the previous in convenience, productivity, safety and ease of use. With the tests’ results we can guarantee that the software will be able to meet those expectations.

At CINQ, software tests are named Testing Services and are integrated into the SCRUM methodology. Some of the tests conducted include unit test, system tests, integrated system test, usability test and performance test. Testing automation and continuous integration are also used.

We talked to Daniel Lopes, CINQ’s test analyst, certified as CTFL Agile Tester, by BSTQB. According to him, to define the services, we can rely on 3 pillars considered most important: ensuring the developed application’s conformity with the specification; ensure that errors are found as soon as possible in the development process; and measure the test and development teams’ performance.

The process comes down to a few stages. The sequence of elaboration, verification and execution of test cases generates a feedback for the development and management team, whose will make the necessary modifications or approve the tested product. The tools and metrics used are defined according to the project’s or costumer’s needs, in addition to a specific checklist, according to CINQBOK, CINQ’s Quality Framework, certified in CMMI Level 3.

In our conversation, Daniel pointed out something very interesting:
“Delivering a well-tested software directly affects the image the customer has of the hired service, because the main way to evaluate a software, is to evaluate whether it does what it should and serves its purpose to exist.”

We asked Daniel what is the worst case scenario for untested software, and he responded:
“I believe that in this matter nothing is worse than performing a presentation for the customer where nothing works, or still, untreated error messages appearing, or maybe worse than that, the client stops the presentation to say that ” it’s not exactly what he imagined “.

We also talked about the relationship between the development and testing area, and the challenges faced by evaluating the work of colleagues:
“Unfortunately, bugs exist and I usually say that when I find an error is bad, but if the client finds one is much worse. We work the best way so that doesn’t happen. However, it is the test team’s duty to find as many errors as possible, so they are not perceived by the customer. In a nutshell, we are all working with a greater goal in mind, that is the quality, but we must be the most impartial possible because in one way or another we are evaluating the work produced by the development team.”

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