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Why work at CINQ?

CINQ Technologies is an agile consolidated company. To carry out the projects, the Agile Method has been used for more than ten years. Currently the company runs all of its projects using the Scrum framework, meeting the current demands of the software global market.

It also offers to the professionals the possibility to work on high impact projects in large and medium-sized enterprises, whether they are from the brazilian or global market.

Due to the diversity of the projects, a wide range of technologies is present in our context. Therefore, employees are encouraged to collaborate and exchange knowledge and experiences, bringing professional and personal growth.

Success Stories

Meet Mariana Benitez. She arrived at CINQ as an intern and is now part of a team that works with a large global air transport market company.

We asked our employees a few questions so they could tell how they got to CINQ and how their trajectorIes has been since then. Check it out!


Professional Career Development Program

CINQ updates its own team of professionals through its permanent technological learning acceleration program called CINQ TECH, which promotes three pillars: Explore, Learn and Develop. Through the following initiatives:

The CINQ TECH bootcamp comes with the goal of bringing experience and learning about relevant technologies to the IT market, applying fast immersion.

The CINQ TECH share is an one hour presentation that employees will be able to share their experiences with other professionals in the company.

The CINQ TECH coding dojo aims at peer programming for solving some technology challenge.

The CINQ TECH stories is an one hour presentation that CINQ teams share their software project cases with other employees.

The CINQ TECH certified encourages the training of employees and certification of them in the most diverse technologies.

The CINQ TECH estágio tech is an opportunity for undergraduate students to actively participate in the company's activities, acquiring experience for entering in the labor market.

The CINQ TECH mentors emerges as a behavioral and technical support for the new members of the CINQ team.

The CINQ TECH academy aims at online training through professional development courses in technological trails.