Multinational of software development from Curitiba launches the CINQ TECH program

Multinational of software development from Curitiba launches the CINQ TECH program

CINQ Technologies, multinational of software development and IT outsourcing, headquartered in Curitiba and with offices in Ponta Grossa, São Paulo and Miami, active for 26 years in the area of information technology in the national and international fields, launches the program CINQ TECH.
According to Barbara Ritzmann (manager of corporate intelligence, responsible for the area of organizational development of CINQ, focusing on attraction, retention and development of employees), “The IT market is in full heating, digital business is a worldwide trend and this further enhances the search for skilled professionals in the area. The problem is that often people are not ready to follow the technological trends, which change with increasing speed and the training process can not be time consuming or follow the traditional cycles as in a post degree”.

“By realizing this scenario of shortage of professionals ready, valuing and challenging the CINQ team, we created CINQ TECH with the goal of learning, developing and exploring together new technologies and business trends. It is a process of exchange of knowledge, both the professionals and the company earn in this process of learning, “says Barbara.
CINQ TECH will be composed of nine initiatives, which promote three pillars: explore, learn and develop.

  • The CINQ TECH Bootcamp comes with the goal of bringing experience and learning about technologies relevant to the IT market, in the form of a fast immersion.
  • The CINQ TECH Shares is a time when employees will be able to share their experiences with other professionals in the company.
  • The CINQ TECH Codingdojô aims at peer programming with the aim of solving some technology challenge in group.
  • The CINQ TECH Stories is a time when CINQ teams will have to share their cases with other employees.
  • The CINQ TECH Certified encourages the training of employees and certification of them in the most diverse technologies.
  • The CINQ TECH Estágiotech is an opportunity for undergraduate students to actively participate in the company’s activities, acquiring experience and entering the labor market.
  • The CINQ TECH Mentors emerges as a behavioral and technical support for the new members of the CINQ team.
  • The CINQ TECH Academy aims at online training through courses aimed at professional development in technological trails, as well as renewal of books from the library of CINQ, from the suggestions of the employees themselves.

The ninth initiative, in turn, is still a surprise, and we will soon be revealing more information about it for the market.
“In the same way that football teams invest in their base teams, CINQ has always invested in training their own team of professionals through a continuing internship program. Many professionals who make up our team, including managers, joined the company even at the beginning of their careers. Currently, CINQ has substantially enhanced its talent attraction and retention program, entitled CINQ TECH. Because we work with advanced technologies and constantly evolving we need to continually empower our team. For this a major transformation is happening in the company that involves the areas of management and attraction of talents, training, CINQ Lab and Software development. Several initiatives to encourage empowerment are occurring. We understand that it is a medium-and long-term process, but we are convinced of this path to form the team itself, “says Carlos Alberto Jayme, Co-founder and Marketing and Sales Director of CINQ Technologies.

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