CINQ Technologies opens internship program in Ponta Grossa

Program is aimed at academics of the courses of Analysis and Development of Systems, Computer Science, Computer Engineering, among others related

CINQ Technologies, a Curitiba-based IT company with a branch in Ponta Grossa, launched on June its internship program for undergraduate students, the “Estágio Tech”.

CINQ Technologies promotes meetup in Ireland

CINQ Technologies, a global information technology company active for 26 years in software development projects and IT outsourcing, invites you to join us on June 21, 2018 (Thursday) at 6 pm, in Letterkenny (Ireland), for a coding dojo.

Have You Been Talking with Your Phone?

By Carlos Alberto Jayme

The human brain consumes a lot of energy and so it, when it can, saves it. Some would call it laziness, but it’s a matter of optimization anyway. So, we prefer to use Waze and Google Maps than thinking on the directions to ride. We prefer to type in WhatsApp than to speak by voice in a phone call. A late aunt of mine forbade her husband to use the GPS so he wouldn’t get senile. In a way, in her simplicity she had a certain wisdom.