Is outsourcing a good idea?

The term outsourcing, body shop, or professional services, as we call it at CINQ, is a way of hiring focused on agility and flexibility.

Have you talked to a robot today?

One of the first chatbots to pass through the Turing test, used to verify the ability of the machine to perform human behavior, was Eliza. Destined to be a psychologist, was launched in 1966, and since then, opinions differ regarding this technology. However, more than 50 years after Eliza’s creation, finally we are starting to find applicability for the chatbots. Due to the advance and possible benefits, people like Satya Nadella, Microsoft CEO, claims that bots can replace apps.

Connected and satisfied passengers

When you think of airports, chaotic scenes arise in the imagination of many people. However, several technologies are already thought and used to uncomplicate travel journeys and make it pleasant to passengers. The impacts are already perceived, and the trend is that we continue to increase these services’ automation.

Design Sprint? Proof of Concept? What are they and what they are used for?

While developing a software or application, communication and proper planning are essential elements to deliver a product that meets the customer’s needs and provides an excellent usage experience. As an alternative to a good start, Design Sprint emerges, a technique that helps to define directions to be taken by the project at hand. 

CINQ Lab: CINQ’s Innovation Laboratory

In its startup phase, CINQ started innovative. In 1992, quickly embraced the graphical interfaces and standardized communication protocols. In the sequence, developed and deployed internet banking projects and smart cards for public transportation. In 2000, began working with mobile projects, with Palm OS, and subsequently consolidated this area, with mobile developments for Android, iOS and multiplatform.