CINQ Technologies promotes meetup in Ireland

CINQ Technologies, a global information technology company active for 26 years in software development projects and IT outsourcing, invites you to join us on June 21, 2018 (Thursday) at 6 pm, in Letterkenny (Ireland), for a coding dojo.

Have You Been Talking with Your Phone?

By Carlos Alberto Jayme

The human brain consumes a lot of energy and so it, when it can, saves it. Some would call it laziness, but it’s a matter of optimization anyway. So, we prefer to use Waze and Google Maps than thinking on the directions to ride. We prefer to type in WhatsApp than to speak by voice in a phone call. A late aunt of mine forbade her husband to use the GPS so he wouldn’t get senile. In a way, in her simplicity she had a certain wisdom. 

What is it like to be a IT bimodal company?

Keeping up with technology market updates is not an easy task, even more for  companies that work in the area following a traditional business model. As a solution to this situation, the TI bimodal businesses appear. 

The term was created by Gartner, in 2013, as a solution to traditional IT companies’ limitations and aiming to show businesses that it is possible to use and invest in new technologies. Although an old mindset for many of the IT area, this business model becomes a competitive differential in the marketplace. 

But after allwhat does it mean to be a bimodal company?

CINQ among GPTW IT in Brazil

The Great Place to Work Institute is responsible for rating annually the best companies to work in more than 50 countries, including Brazil. The categories are diverse, which can be divided by sector or state in which they are located, considering the quantity of employees.

This year, CINQ was elected one of the best companies to work in the TI and Telecom category, among the midsize enterprises, being the seventh consecutive time to appear on the list. This is the 7th time the company appears in the ranking.

To conquer a position in the ranking it is necessary to be part of a certification process and conduct a survey with employees.

Is it really important to test a software?

Software tests ensure the quality of the solution through a series of tests that verify the various functionalities, performance, and usage experience. When work processes become digital, the digital form is expected to surpass the previous in convenience, productivity, safety and ease of use. With the tests’ results we can guarantee that the software will be able to meet those expectations.

At CINQ, software tests are named Testing Services and are integrated into the SCRUM methodology. Some of the tests conducted include unit test, system tests, integrated system test, usability test and performance test.

Is outsourcing a good idea?

The term outsourcing, body shop, or professional services, as we call it at CINQ, is a way of hiring focused on agility and flexibility.