Design Sprint? Proof of Concept? What are they and what they are used for?

While developing a software or application, communication and proper planning are essential elements to deliver a product that meets the customer’s needs and provides an excellent usage experience. As an alternative to a good start, Design Sprint emerges, a technique that helps to define directions to be taken by the project at hand. 

CINQ Lab: CINQ’s Innovation Laboratory

In its startup phase, CINQ started innovative. In 1992, quickly embraced the graphical interfaces and standardized communication protocols. In the sequence, developed and deployed internet banking projects and smart cards for public transportation. In 2000, began working with mobile projects, with Palm OS, and subsequently consolidated this area, with mobile developments for Android, iOS and multiplatform.

UX Design: The user experience on the spotlight

Conquering the consumer through experience with a product or service is a long-standing concern on the market, and is through the concept of user experience design that it shines through on the digital platforms.

CINQ takes part in the 8th Greencities in Spain

Last week, between June 7th and 8th, CINQ Technologies took part in the 8th Forum of Urban Intelligence and Sustainability, also known as Greencities, in Malaga, Spain. The event is held annually, and focuses on technologies that implement improvements to the citizen’s life quality and smart city planning. In this edition, Greencities gathered 2.400 people from 200 cities and 38 countries. 

Artificial Intelligence and Connectivity at the 2017 Air Transport IT Summit

The impact of technology in airline services was the main theme of the 2017 Air Transport IT Summit, held on May 23th and 24th, in Brussels, Belgium. The event is organized annually by SITA, a multinational company, leader in air transport solutions, in partnership with Flight Airline Business.  During these two days, the participants presented insights on the technology trends and innovations for the air industry, with the presence of renowned professionals in the field. 

What is Blockchain anyway?

By Carlos Alberto Jayme

The area of Information Technology is filled with acronyms and we often adopt them without realizing what they really mean. Every time I hear a new term, I try to research and at least have a general idea of what it is about. Throughout my career I came across several of these terms and I was able to easily understand the meanings and possible outcomes.

CINQ Technologies is invited to participate at GreenCities in Malaga – Spain

It happens in Malaga, southern Spain, the 8th Forum of Intelligence and Urban sustainability, on the 7th and 8th of June. The important event is a reference as a rendezvous for professionals, institutions, startups and businesses. It’s the place to present ideas, products, services and exchange experiences regarding the development of smart cities, which seek to improve the life quality of citizens.