IT Staff Augmentation in Brazil

Expand your IT team with agility without   
increasing head count and fixed costs

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Offshore Outsourcing

An extension of your software development team with the CINQ’s support and experience

The IT Offshore Outsourcing service has the support of the entire technical team, knowledge base and accumulated experience from CINQ, a company with global expertise and considered one of the best companies to work for in Brazil by Great Place To Work Institute.

CINQ also exports Agile Software Development and Agile Testing Services, where we expose ourselves to new challenges, competitive markets, innovative technologies, diverse work cultures and distinguished service contract models.

Focus on growing your business

With the IT Offshore Outsourcing, the customer can focus on the company's core business development and growth activities. As CINQ focuses on the co-operation, we manage to provide more efficient and higher quality services, and a crucial speed in using new technologies.

Benefits of Offshore Outsourcing

Customers rely on the technical work of the allocated professionals and CINQ takes care of the management and cultural alignment between them.

The satisfaction of services is monthly monitored in order to improve cooperation among customers and CINQ professionals, conducting preventive actions.

flexibility to increase or reduce the team of professionals according to the current work demand.

IT Recruitment at CINQ

Internal Recruitment- Talent Screening within the CINQ team.

IT is our focus, and we know how to recruit the best technology professionals. We have an IT specialist Recruitment team to find the best professionals, according to specific skills and adherence to yours's company culture.

Benefits of IT Recruitment

Talent identification within the CINQ team itself.

We work with a smart ATS (Application Tracking System) that announces our opening positions, streamlines screening of resumes and provides crucial data for our Recruitment team.

On-site and online interviews (Live coding) for the analysis of the candidates' profiles and technical skills.

Active communication on the recruitment process and validation of professional profiles with the customer.

Training in innovative technologies to empower professionals for current market demands.

Professional Career Development Program

CINQ updates its own team of professionals through its permanent technological learning acceleration program called CINQ TECH, which promotes three pillars: Explore, Learn and Develop. Through boot camps, coding dojos, cases, internship programs, mentoring sessions, professional trainings, an incentive to become certificated in the most diverse technologies, among other initiatives that built the program.

Specialists Professionals in IT

“Working at CINQ during these years has provided me with the possibility to be a part of the most innovative and challenging projects. From the beginning, they always assigned me to be with customers, providing me the opportunity to get to know the most diverse realities, people, technologies, demands and cultures, which led me to a professional, technical and enormous personal growth. The flexibility, care, and proximity among employees and CINQ creates a friendly and stable environment to work with and brings security of being part of something great and bigger.”

Luiz Guilherme Heming, Development Analyst

"CINQ helps us find flexible professionals who adapt to the different technologies, according to the profile we want for Telefônica."

Charlie Richardt, Project Coordinator