With CINQ's innovative solutions, you can find everything you need to solve the problems of your company with the best benefit-cost analysis of the market, optimizing your business! Our services are different because they are suited to your particular need, but have one point in common: they all share CINQ's quality assurance. Check out!


CINQ provides guidance and advisory to enable the best use of technology to achieve your strategic objectives. Our consulting services cover BPM, Requirements Gathering, Enterprise Architecture, System Integration, Digital Transformation and Data Analytics.


Innovation, new technologies and R&D are the focus of CINQ Lab. Through Business Solution Ideation, Research and Development, Proof of Concepts and UX Design we strive to deliver visionary, useful and interactive solutions.


Our domain knowledge qualifies us to develop Mission Critical, Mobile, Web, IoT, Embedded Software, APIs and Web Services solutions to meet your business needs.


In software the smallest error can result in a project being delayed, an enormous amount of rework and great financial loss. CINQ offers Application and Mobile Testing, Performance Testing, Test Automation and Usability Testing services.


Our offshore Outsourcing Services provide skilled professionals to design, develop, test, deploy, maintain, manage and support systems and applications based on our client’s requirements, culture and policies.