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Software Solutions

A project specially designed for your needs

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Software Solutions Design

CINQ Technologies

Software Solutions Design for Digital Transformation

Social networks, IoT, augmented reality, artificial intelligence, blockchain and all business models’ innovations that are happening provoke necessary reactions in companies. The customers themselves demand these changes and there is no point in fighting the circumstances. Adaptation, flexibility and new solutions are necessary.

Before implementing a software solution, the team must understand well the strategic business goals and also the users and customers expectations. Digital transformation revolutionizes companies, making conventional processes in virtual experiences to generate significant results in organizations. Adopting the digital model not only improves the productivity of these processes, but also provides a better experience for your customers. Therefore, our software solutions design services consider the customer who will use the solution, applying the best practices of Design Thinking to understand, define, ideate, prototype and develop innovative and reliable software solutions applying agile practices.

To offer these services, CINQ counts on Designers and UX Analysts applying Scrum method in a Sprint of Software solution Design, which is composed of the following phases:

1 - Understanding of
business objectives and
customer expectations

2 - Identification of
the personas

3 - Discovery of user
and customer journey

4 - Touchpoints

5 - Identification of
the Jobs to be Done

6 - Epics

7 - User Stories

8 - Prototyping

9 - Project, product
or service backlog

The effective participation of the users throughout the project development is fundamental, but mainly at this stage of design and conception. The design and implementation teams also need to go into the field, experience the customer's challenges to, with empathy, understand and develop better software. With this approach it is possible to preview changes and challenges still in the definition phase without major impacts on costs.

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