The IT future today: exciting and scary

In the early 90´s I noticed significant changes in the information technology industry that motivated me to start CINQ Technologies. At that time, major transformations took place and I noticed an increase in the demand for software development services. These transformations comprised mainly of: emergence of graphical user interfaces, LANs, standardized communication protocols, object-orientated programming and the popularization of the personal computer. Three years later, the internet took off and we turned a new leaf in technology. Then came the social networks, smartphones and the rate at which new technologies arose increased dramatically.

In some of these moments I noticed the coming of relevant changes in companies and in people’s lives. I got excited with each of these technological waves. However, a technological tsunami is already in progress. This is the first time that I am excited but also worried with the transformation underway.

Much like making popcorn, we have come to that stage where it begins to pop all at the same time, causing all the technologies to converge and create meta technologies such as digital transformation, machine learning, artificial intelligence, bots, blockchain, fintech, omnichannel, as well as an arsenal of other transformative initiatives.

I consider myself well informed, but I’ve never felt so outdated in terms of technology as I’m feeling right now. The need to study and at least understand what’s going on is urgent. It’s as if ctrl-alt-del has been pressed in what we need to know to be successful as professionals. There is no more room for indulgence in terms of learning and curiosity. I created a collection of articles on Flipboard to try to keep myself informed at the very least, which I share here:

On the other hand, with all this technological contamination, I realize the need for initiatives to learn unplugged skills such as fine arts, arts and crafts, music, cooking, baking, Lomography, reading a good book, sports, and so on. It’s as if the mind calls for staying active and creative without letting us go into autopilot mode, as we do when we drive while using Waze, risking forgetting how to use our own minds.

Perhaps this is all very confusing, but that’s how I feel right now: excited by the opportunities and worried about the consequences. Aficionado and trapped by technology. It is a one-way trip that will require great flexibility and adaptation of people, businesses and governments. The taxi drivers are already facing the impact, but certainly all of us, on some level, we will be affected sooner or later.

Welcome to the future, today.

CINQ Technologies – Carlos Alberto Jayme