Tips on keeping the agile culture in organizations

Tips on keeping the agile culture in organizations

CINQ Technologies attended the Agile Curitiba Conference and provides information to agile environments

On November 10th, CINQ Technologies sponsored the Agile Curitiba Conference, which happened at Fesp. The event brought together about 400 professionals interested in Agile. So, we listed the main points addressed in the event, to share 3 tips to maintain the Agile culture in organizations.

1) In agile environments, the secret is to develop people. An Agile Coach helps create a trust environment, being a transformation agent. All people are important in the agile environment. In this sense, “the greatest ability of a leader is to develop extraordinary skills in ordinary people” (Abraham Lincoln).

2) Develop products with lean inception makes it possible incremental deliveries and continuous feedback during construction.  Inception marks the beginning of a project and is characterized by the definition and understanding of the scope that will be developed. The goal is to deliver value for the user through validation of MVPs (minimum viable products), UX (User Experience) and technology. Tools: RAID (risks, assumptions, issues, dependencies); Parking of ideas; Schedules burn-up (schedules with delimited times for each topic to be dealt with).

3) Agile is a mindset, it is a way of thinking with respect, simplicity, communication, courage and, feedback.

According to Alexandre Lara, Scrum Master, from CINQ Technologies: “We learn that we can and should learn to look at the situation of the project and/or client and know how to apply the method. We must use our feeling and the ability to adapt to better meet customer expectations.”

It´s verified that agility is connected to people, value deliverables and Agile mindset. Check out the full Agile Manifesto.