UX Design: The user experience on the spotlight

UX Design: The user experience on the spotlight

Conquering the consumer through experience with a product or service is a long-standing concern on the market, and is through the concept of user experience design that it shines through on the digital platforms.
The UX design process involves the balancing encounter between what you need and what the users want. To do this, it is necessary to know and understand them, to comprehend their difficulties, to find out what please them aesthetically, and above all, not have usability problems.

The user experience defines whether they will come back, become loyal or give up from using the available services. In this way, UX design becomes essential for the good performance and businesses’ stability, mainly in the case of an application or website. Some people say that the user experience is as important as the visual identity. Affirmation which leaves no doubt when we observe the behavior of those who consume services and products by the digital environment. They are fast, always in pursuit of novelties and excellence, not hesitating to choose another service if disappointed.

Several elements are needed to achieve a good user experience, some of the most important are: usability, accessibility, performance, design and interaction. These elements aligned, can dramatically influence the experience and behavior of a user in relation to the brand.

The complexity of UX design is even more noticeable when we observe the design thinking work involved, to reach the elements mentioned above, considering who are the users.

To deliver visionary, useful and interactive solutions, UX design is an indispensable mindset at CINQ technologies.

We interviewed Raquel Prado, Usability Analyst, to explain a little better how this process works in the company. According to her, “At CINQ, we involve the user experience since the beginning of the projects; It is common that designers have been present since lifting requirements with customers, helping to understand the user’s problem and building together an idea of solution. User Journey mappings and field visits are also made to understand all the contexts for the use of that future product or service. Designers also work together with developers, thinking of interface solutions that are ideal both from the point of view of design and the technology employed. “

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