We were finalists of the National Innovation Award

We were finalists of the National Innovation Award

Check out the process we participate in the Innovation Management category

We were among the 3 finalists of the National Innovation Award in the Innovation Management category – medium enterprises. The award that took place during the night of Monday (10/06) in São Paulo at the Expo Exhibition & Convention Center aims to encourage and recognize the successful efforts of innovation and innovation management in the organizations that operate in Brazil. It is an initiative of enterprise mobilization for innovation (Mobilização Empresarial pela Inovação – MEI) and carried out by the National Confederation of Industry (Confederação Nacional da Indústria – CNI) and the Brazilian service for support to Micro and small enterprises (Serviço Brasileiro de Apoio às Micro e Pequenas Empresas – SEBRAE).

The award was attended by important corporations, such as Boticário (PR) competing in the categories Product Innovation and Innovation in Marketing, Natura (SP) in Product Innovation, Process, Marketing and Innovation Management – large companies, besides WEG (SC) and several other companies that are contributing to national innovation.

Carlos Alberto Jayme, Chief Growth Officer here at CINQ, talks about the experience of the IT multinational being among the finalists of the award: “This is an extremely special moment for all of us at CINQ Technologies, since being among the 3 finalists in the National Innovation Award, Innovation Management category, fills us with pride and gratitude. Innovation is in our DNA, in our brand. If we have been in the market for over 27 years is because the company has always sought to transform over the various economic and technological cycles adapting and even anticipating impactful changes. So we surfed the various technological waves and grew even in times of crisis.”

Before the selection of finalists of the National Innovation Award, the companies went through four stages. The inscription, application submission process, included a questionnaire of 60 self-assessment questions that resulted in an innovation profile for the company – to apply within the modalities of the award. The second stage was virtual validation, in which the companies sent evidence and a thorough analysis of the information was performed. Then, evaluation visits were made, the third stage, for an in-person analysis in the candidate companies. In the end, the judges evaluated the characteristics and results of the companies and defined the finalists and winners.

The category of innovation management, in which we have been elected from the virtual stages for the face-to visit, encompasses organizations that through the implementation of processes, methods, techniques and tools have produced a fruitful environment to the generation of innovation. The evaluation identified the level of innovation capacity, due to adherence to a set of fundamentals and the degree of effective results obtained by the organization.

Jayme describes CINQ as “a company that explores and quickly learns the new technologies relevant to develop, in advance, innovative solutions for its customers in Brazil and abroad. This is the focus of innovation at CINQ. We work on the edges of technologies and trends and this imposes risks.”

About the Innovation Management category, Jayme commented-“We have two noble environments in innovation in our company: an open area for experimentation, the CINQ Lab, and a large area of learning, sharing, training and Design Thinking, the CINQ Tech. The innovation that in the beginning depended on some professionals, today is part of our organizational culture. I believe that this important recognition arrives at the right time, because we left a model of processes of innovation management for a model of culture management of innovative thinking, experimentation and learning. These initiatives have engaged the team.”

According to Nôga Simões, Innovation and Marketing Manager here at CINQ Technologies, “It is very rewarding to be part of a company that has innovation in its DNA, from the name, which considers the three pillars-commitment, innovation and quality, which permeate All Time CINQ and value deliveries to our internal and external customers. This recognition is of the whole company, because we have experienced a period of great internal and external digital transformations, through the Design Thinking, agile and self-methods of the collaborators for their own learning and the company as a whole. After all, innovation management is a process of transforming culture”.

Congratulations to our team for being among the top 3 finalists of the National Innovation Award, this recognition at the national level means a lot to the company and reflects the efforts, activities performed and applied programs that have been developed. “This achievement is the fruit of many hands and initiatives. CINQ has always sought to participate in several external ecosystems to broaden its connections, but it was through the encouragement of internal connections, that the culture of innovation and learning expanded. I dedicate this important recognition to all the #TeamCINQ and to all customers and partners who always stimulate us to think outside and far away from the box”, concludes Jayme.


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