Why companies need to invest in technology

The answer to the question above is quite simple: because time is money and the use of technology within companies means agility, means a gain of time. Even more when the current crisis scenario, this article comes to prove that when talking about technology, reduce costs can also mean making investments.

But how to use the technology to optimize processes?
Increasingly, new technology ends up appearing on the market with the purpose of facilitating people´s lives. Here, there are 3 simple, but essential practices for the costs reduction within companies:

  • Automation

The most expensive resource of a company is the labor. Therefore, it is a waste to use it in areas that do not require great skills, such as creativity, for example. These activities can be optimized with the automation of processes. Thus, the human abilities can be better used in other areas and it is possible to save time and reduce overtime. Optimize processes considered mechanics to improve workflows that may cause costs reductions and results maximizations is the greatest benefit that the technology can provide us. So enjoy it!

But this way, the technology will not end with the use of a lot of people?
The truth is that all jobs are at risk, and that’s why, more than ever, human skills as critical thinking, creative skills, leadership and emotional intelligence will be more valued. In addition, the more specialized a job is, the less are the chances of losing it to robots. The technology should not be seen as the villain within companies, but the hero that can optimize processes for human skills to be best exploited.
Therefore, the qualification of professionals not only ensure their job security, but also will mean a big competitive advantage for the companies themselves.

  • Internet of Things

Have you ever considered being able to predict which will be the most sought product by consumers before the stock runs out? With the internet of things, this is possible. In a simplified form this concept means that everything is connected, that is, there are internet in all things. In practice, this may mean a detailed monitoring of all processes, in addition to predictability for wear of tools or possible accidents, even before they happen.
Have the technology in all processes means to improve them. And with the Internet of Ting is much easier to integrate systems, making the processes more agile and expanding its capacity for analysis.

  • Cloud Applications

The supply of computing services to clouds can have several benefits within companies, but one of them should be highlighted: the flexibility. With the cloud, teams don’t need to be stuck in an Office, for example. Even more these days, with the expansion of mobile devices, has never been so easy to work wherever people are. In addition, the cloud facilitates the  simultaneous work of the employees and ensures safety (very important theme at present). And the best: the consequent cost reduction, since spending on high-performance equipment, infrastructure servers and large staffs are spared thanks to the facilities of the Cloud.

Did you see? Spend money with technology could mean the best investment for your business. The optimizations cited not only can make a difference in the processes, but they help mainly the end consumer, who can count on a safe and reliable delivery. The result? Their satisfaction, which more then come back to ask for the products or services of your company, can bring more people to do the same.

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